Welcome to Dangerfield Woodcraft! We create unique, one-of-a-kind bunk beds at our shop, all hand-made and made in the USA. We firmly believe in making your child feel special because life is too short to be ordinary. Put a smile on your child’s face with custom made bunk beds by Dangerfield Woodcraft. In this blog post, we’ll go over a bit of our process of creating these unique custom loft beds. Visit our website today to order the best kids beds!

Our why

Why do we make custom loft beds for kids? We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, from sleeping and playing to getting ready for the day and reading books at night. Most of us want the time we spend in our bedrooms to be cozy, comfortable, and comforting. It’s the place we retreat to when the world becomes a bit too overbearing. For kids, their worlds are much smaller than our worlds (which is a good thing). If they are toddlers, they spend the vast majority of their days at home. If they are school age, their worlds consist of their home and their school. Their bedrooms are tiny microcosms of their world, and we want it to reflect them and to be their comfort from the terrors of the night. Hence, we made one custom loft bed and then another and then another. The joy we get from making kids worlds more their own is immeasurable. Simply put, we love our custom children’s furniture work and the feeling it brings kids of all ages.

Our inspiration

Where do we get our ideas from? From kids, of course! Our unique bunk beds have definitely improved over time, thanks to the ideas we get from kids. For instance, in a lot of our custom made bunk beds, we have incorporated a slide in order to get down from the top bunk, as well as a sliding bed on the bottom so the kids can pull it out to sleep “under the stars.” Our loft bunk beds with stairs double as storage space for your child’s toys, books, dolls, and collector cards. The details are important as well, as exhibited by our flower boxes we’ve added to the windows to add a decorative feel and which can be planted with real flowers if so desired.

Dangerfield Woodcraft takes pride in our craftsmanship. All of our custom made bunk beds are proudly made in the USA and incorporate only the finest woods. We use no contaminants in our wood processing and believe in using the minimum amount of materials as possible, which we believe helps save the environment and cuts down on waste and possible harm in your home.

Our custom bunk beds are available in twin sizes or in full sizes, which is particularly useful for when your child grows. We offer unique packages as well to further customize your design, such as storage beds and wireless LED lights. We even have created a landing garden gate. Order your custom made bunk bed from Dangerfield Woodcraft today!