Dangerfield Woodcraft specializes in custom made bunk beds of all types for your child, from loft bunk beds with stairs to kids playhouse beds. We believe in making the best kids beds, and we believe we deliver every time. From start to finish, we put our whole hearts into these handmade bunk beds that are proudly produced in the USA. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the reasons to order a custom made bunk bed from us. Visit our website today to see some of our past unique bunk bed creations and to order yours today!


  • Highest quality design. When you choose to have a custom made bunk bed, you are getting the highest quality design and materials available. Our wood is the finest wood on the market, from oak to pine and walnut. Our custom loft beds are sturdy and won’t move willingly, including when your children decide to jump on the bed.
  • Safety. When you order a bunk bed online from Dangerfield Woodcraft, you’ll get the safest bunk beds available. Our bunk bed railings are taller than most bunk beds and are not just a thin slab of wood plastered together. Our ladders feature easy to climb steps that are wider than most kids bunk bed ladders, and our stairways are also wider and safer than standard bunk bed designs.
  • Custom-made. If you’ve ever had anything custom made for you (a home, a car, a kitchen, or a chair), then you know how nice it is to have things the way you like it. Kids are the same way; they like things the way they like things, such as a custom spot for teddy bear to sit and a cup holder for the glass of water that might be needed in the middle of the night. Having a custom-made bunk bed allows your child to have the bed he or she has always dreamed of. This is especially useful if your child has trouble sleeping at night, needs an outlet in his or her bed for a nightlight, or is afraid of the dark. A custom made bunk bed or a custom loft bed can offer your child much-needed security.
  • Uniqueness. Childhood is a time of self-discovery like none other. Your child is learning at an exponential rate — learning his or her likes or dislikes and learning how to interact with this great, big world. Having a unique bunk bed that is a sacred place to lie down at night could be just the thing your child needs to process the day and get the much needed rest children need to grow, rest, recover, and awake for the coming day.

Dangerfield Woodcraft makes the best kids beds that are unique, customizable, and of the highest quality wood products around. These custom bunk beds are limited only by you and your child’s imagination. Visit our site today to gather ideas, and then contact us to get started on your child’s dream bed!