You want your kids to have the best in life. Outside of meeting your kids’ physical and emotional needs, such as love and food, a bed is one of the most important fixtures in their young lives. They spend probably between eight to 10 hours a day sleeping, not to mention it’s probably home to their stuffed animals, and it’s a place they read books and dream of princesses, fairies, and dragons. You want them to not only be comfortable, but also to have a safe haven all their own.

Dangerfield Woodcraft shares this dream by providing custom kids’ beds for boys and girls. We offer a variety of cool beds for little girls and boys, from our pre-created custom bunk beds to one-of-kind unique bunk beds. We want the best for you child, just like you do. We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we work hard to provide you with the perfect custom kids’ beds. Here, we’ll review just a little bit of some of our most popular custom kids’ beds, and we invite you to contact us for a custom quote today!


  • Layla’s Ultimate Loft Bed Playhouse. If you’re looking for the ultimate custom kids’ bed, look no further than this loft bed playhouse. Complete with a slide, stairs, and storage galore, this custom kids’ bed rises to a loft with a play area below. The play area is the perfect spot for your child to store animals, set up a tea party or legos, keep all their toys, and play make believe games till their heart’s content. You can get as elaborate as you want by instituting plants a kitchenette, or a dining table. Or, turn this into the ultimate fort for boys, complete with swords, batteries to shoot over, and cannons. Or, make this space part of a pirate expedition underneath your custom kids’ bed as your child takes over the high seas in the vein of Blackbeard. Limited only by your child’s imagination, this custom kids’ bed is sure to delight, thrill, and provide hours of entertainment in addition to a good night’s sleep for your child.
  • The Mia Custom Kids’ Bed. This custom kids’ bed is designed to resemble a country cottage and evoke the mood of a lazy stroll through the countryside. Designed with attention to detail, this custom kids’ bed has individual shingles for the roof, windows, and flower boxes, and comes with a trundle for easy storage that pulls out for access. This custom kids’ bed will fully encase your child, giving him or her a sense of being in their own home. This bed is a great option for kids who need to feel secure while sleeping. Add in a night light for added comfort and a reading light as well.
  • Layla’s Ultimate Playhouse. This custom made kids’ bed is the epitome of custom designed bunk beds as this bunk bed was designed based off a customer’s suggestion. A more open design, this custom kids’ bed has no roof, which allows your child to see their ceiling. This allows for stars to be pasted on your ceiling for your child to see as well as fairy dust and dragons to land. Featuring a solid floor on the upper level that serves as a play area and a loft bed with playhouse underneath, or try a bunk bed instead. The mission of our custom kids’ beds is to make every child feel special and unique, as well as give him or her a place all their own. It can be difficult for children to feel as if their house is their house. Instead, give them a lofthouse that is fully customizable with whatever accessories your child desires.
  • The Cayden Bed. Not to be outdone by the girls, we’ve got custom kids’ beds designed specifically with boys in mind. Everyone, especially boys love tree houses. Tree houses are the perfect place to play hide and seek, pretend to be Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House and time travel to the time of dinosaurs, the Civil War, or the time of the samurai in Japan, or launch a spaceship. Enclose the bottom for a custom kids’ bed for either a playhouse or a loft bed. Whether your child likes swords or prefers light sabers as his or her weapon of choice, this custom made kids’ bed it the perfect place in which to launch an attack or defend with life or death.
  • The Noah Loft. This custom kids’ bed was created with the idea of saving space in mind. Created to have two bunk beds, one up and one below, this custom kids’ bed is designed to grow with your children. You can separate the two beds when the time comes that your kids want their own space, but until then, your kids will become best friends as they play games and collaborate on stealing the family cat from your bed and holding it hostage for the ransom of a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Watch your family cat turn into a tiger, or the family dog become a horse that pulls a carriage. Your children will be inspired with this custom made kids’ bed.

Dangerfield Woodcraft hopes to inspire your kids to new heights with our custom kids’ beds. All built by hand and made in the United States, we guarantee your child’s custom made kids’ bed will become his or her new favorite place. Contact us today for a custom quote!