Our custom bunk beds come with great features to ensure your kids’ playhouse bed set entertains your children and helps you keep toys in their place. Check out photos of our unique bunk beds below! You can find out more about each bed, including base pricing information, by visiting its product page under the ‘Our Beds/Playhouses’ tab. If you have additional questions or an idea for a custom piece you’d like made, don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to bringing the bedroom of your child’s dreams to life.

The base models of our kids’ playhouse beds include the following features:

  • Garden gate door
  • Extra side storage under staircase
  • Dutch door or arched door options for loft beds
  • Multi-use trundle for storage, or removable dividers for extra bed space
  • Staircase with built-in storage and soft-close lids
  • Slide tower with storage shelves
  • Wireless LED lighting with remote controls
  • Pop-out USB ports for charging tablets or other devices

The Layla Bed

The Layla bed is our original unique bunk bed design that launched our family business. The Layla was dreamed up by my wife Crystal after our daughter outgrew her convertible crib. This sweet girl ended up sleeping on her mattress on the floor for a while until I designed and built her bed and it was well worth the wait! She absolutely loved it and the outpouring of interest was so great we decided to make them for other families too. The Layla design is based off a classic dollhouse and can be customized to place the bed on either its top or ground floor. The Layla bed has launched a lot of different models and variations, including a loft bed, bunk bed, playhouse bed, and even a triple bunk!

The Mia Bed

This custom bunk bed was created out of a love for all things rustic. When my family moved from the busy city life in South Florida to a much calmer rural area, we felt inspired to create a farmhouse-style bunk bed for our youngest daughter, Mía. As is our M.O., Crystal came up with the design idea and I made it come to life! The Mia is designed like a classic, quaint farmhouse, and its main window on the first level can be equipped with shutters for added charm. The Mia also features a pull-out drawer on its front that makes storing and accessing toys and other playthings easy!

The Haylie Bed

The design for this unique bunk bed was a collaboration with a customer who wanted an unobstructed view from the top bunk for their daughter. We harnessed our creative juices and used a rooftop terrace as the inspiration for this custom bunk bed. The Haylie is a versatile design that can have its top floor be configured to be a solid play area floor, a loft bed with the playhouse underneath, or to be a bunk bed.

The Cayden Bed

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-cut cedar wood? No one! The unique, gender-neutral style of the Cayden bed was inspired by the backyard treehouses we loved as kids. Now your child can enjoy all the fun of a treehouse in the comfort of their own room! The Cayden is designed to be a freestanding loft bed, but it can also be enclosed on the bottom to function as a bunk bed or playhouse.

The Noah Loft

When our family relocated, our boys were presented with the opportunity to share a bedroom. But we ran into an issue — two growing boys need some extra space! Inspired by our love for maximizing floor space and rustic style home decor, we created the Noah Loft Bed, a custom loft bed that makes it easy to add square footage to your child’s room without having to move or knock down walls! The Noah Loft is made to fit your child’s room and can be freestanding. You could theoretically use the extra space provided by the loft to sleep up to eight children in the room, or it can be made to have a carpeted or solid wood floor for play or storage space.

Layla’s Ultimate Playhouse

A very lucky customer in Arizona inspired us to create a true two-story playhouse bed based off our original Layla design. Layla’s Ultimate Playhouse is loaded with unique features and amenities for your child, including an arched Dutch door, a slide, LED lighting, a doorbell, and an optional storage staircase. You even have the choice of a solid or carpeted top floor. This playhouse has it all!