1. Our Most Popular Beds For Girls

    What did your dream bedroom look like to you as a child? At Dangerfield Woodcraft, we make children’s imaginations come alive with custom playhouse beds that combine the fun and utility of a play structure with the safety and warmth of a comfortable bed. We’ve worked with families all over the country to create special, unique beds for their children built to withstand years of play and make s…Read More

  2. Why Craftsmanship Matters When It Comes To Furniture

    What factors are most important to you when shopping for furniture? Certainly the price, aesthetic appeal, and comfortable feel are likely to be primary factors in your decision-making, but how often have you considered the quality of craftsmanship of your furniture when making purchases? At Dangerfield Woodcraft, we’re passionate about building custom-designed playhouse beds to provide your kid…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Indoor Entertainment Options For Your Child

    How do your kids cope when they’re stuck indoors? While the recent Covid-19 virus has forced most families to stay home together, the reality for many families that live in areas that see rainy or cold weather frequently is that getting outside just isn’t an option for your kids sometimes. When that happens, they need options to stay entertained and engaged while indoors. While many businesses…Read More

  4. Why Storage Space Is Essential For Kids’ Bedrooms

    Kids sure do produce a lot of mess, don’t they? From diapers and clothes to backpacks and toys, it can seem like messes follow in the wake of every child. Because children have a lot of stuff and haven’t yet formed the habit of cleaning up after themselves, it’s imperative that there be a lot of storage space in their bedrooms in order to maximize the space and keep their things organized. A…Read More

  5. How to Customize Your Child’s Bedroom

    Dangerfield Woodcraft makes custom kids’ beds made in the United States. We are a family-owned and operated company that thrives on making kids feel special in this world, a feeling we all need in order to help us get through this complicated world. We offer custom made bunk beds with lofts and storage, as well as playhouses with slides. You can build your own custom made kids’ bed on our webs…Read More

  6. How to Customize Your Child’s Bed

    Kids have an internal need to be different than others. We all do, but kids especially as they try to find their place in this world. From playing dress up to pretending to be pirates on a far-away island, kids are constantly striving to be different. Dangerfield Woodcraft makes custom made bunk beds for kids. We offer a variety of styles to choose from or you can make your own unique bunk bed. Be…Read More

  7. Tips for Getting Your Child Interested in Reading

    Reading is a necessary skill in this world for fostering a life-long love of learning. But what is the ideal way to get your child interested in reading? Dangerfield Woodcraft creates custom loft beds and unique bunk beds for your children to enjoy. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how to get your child interested in reading. Contact us today for your custom made bunk bed! TIPS FOR GETT…Read More

  8. Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep at Night

    One of the many battles parents face with their children is how to get them to go to bed at night. From reading to warm milk, you’ve probably exhausted all the tricks, and yet some kids just won’t go to bed. With a custom made bunk bed by Dangerfield Woodcraft, it might be a little easier. Still, after the novelty of their new princess castle bed with slide or boys' castle bed has worn off, th…Read More

  9. The Advantages of Bunk Beds for Kids

    Many of us have more kids than we have bedrooms. Hence, two of the kids often have to pair up for some part of their childhood. Amazing bunk beds make this scenario easy. Dangerfield Woodcraft makes custom made bunk beds for kids, including loft bunk beds with stairs and kids’ beds with drawers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages of bunk beds for kids. Order your custom bunk bed t…Read More

  10. Ideas to Save Bedroom Space

    Most of us want more space in all the rooms of our house, including our bedroom. From having clothes for all seasons and all purposes and shoes to match to having a nightstand that is overflowing with books, pens, and puzzles, utilizing our bedroom space is crucial in order to stay organized and eliminate the crazy-antics of searching for the lost shoe you need in a pinch. Dangerfield Woodcraft ma…Read More