The Advantages of Bunk Beds for Kids

Many of us have more kids than we have bedrooms. Hence, two of the kids often have to pair up for some part of their childhood. Amazing bunk beds make this scenario easy. Dangerfield Woodcraft makes custom made bunk beds for kids, including loft bunk beds with stairs and kids’ beds with drawers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages of bunk beds for kids. Order your custom bunk bed today!


  • Saves space. This advantage of bunk beds may be obvious, but it’s the main reason custom bunk beds and custom loft beds are purchased from Dangerfield Woodcraft. Your kids will have more room to play, to do crafts, and to keep their other belongings in order when you have custom bunk beds. Their room will double in space by doubling up their rooms, which is important if you have a small house.
  • Gives kids their own space. While sharing a room with your sibling can be fun, everyone needs their own space to retreat to to decompress from the day or just to be alone. Custom bunk beds allow kids to have their own space and to customize it so at least one corner of the room is completely theirs.
  • Saves money. It’s cheaper to buy one set of beds than two separate beds. You won’t have the hassle of the box springs or two headboards and baseboards.
  • Flexibility. Most modern bunk beds are able to be separated, so when your kids need their own space or you buy a bigger home, you won’t have to buy a whole new bedroom set. For Dangerfield Woodcraft, many of our custom bunk beds and custom loft beds are able to be separated. This allows for maximum customization of your kids’ room as well.
  • Creates a sense of closeness. Kids go through phases (which as teenagers these phases can be milliseconds long) where they love their sibling, and then they can’t stand their sibling. However, when you force the two to be together, a bond will be formed that will last a lifetime, and something they will need when the day comes that you’re no longer there for them. Custom bunk beds can create a bond between your children that is unbreakable. And that is priceless.
  • More fun. Let’s face it, having a custom playhouse bunk bed, a princess castle with slide, or a boys’ castle bed is incredibly fun — much more so than a traditional, old boring bed. Your kids will have a place to let their imagination soar and their inspiration to carry them to new heights.

Dangerfield Woodcraft makes the best kids’ beds, from kids’ beds with drawers to loft beds with shelves. Each and every bunk bed we make is customized to what you and your child wants, from a space to have tea parties to a window to spy from. Our mission is to create unique bunk beds that your kids will adore, explore, and much more. Fill out our online form to begin your custom bunk bed creation today!