Tips for Getting Your Child Interested in Reading

Reading is a necessary skill in this world for fostering a life-long love of learning. But what is the ideal way to get your child interested in reading? Dangerfield Woodcraft creates custom loft beds and unique bunk beds for your children to enjoy. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how to get your child interested in reading. Contact us today for your custom made bunk bed!


  • Start young. Read to your children as soon as they are born. Get age-appropriate reading materials, and go to town. There is no such thing as too much reading.
  • Model reading. When children are young, they mimic what they see as a way to learn, which is natural. When you’re a reader and read regularly, your children will see that and want to read as well.
  • Get books your child enjoys. If the only books your kids like are comic books, then check out all the comic books at the library. If you have a kid who is obsessed with dinosaurs, the same advice holds. And if you’ve read every dinosaur book at the library, then you now have a new expertise as well. Try all genres until you discover your children’s favorites.
  • Allow your child to read before bed. Reading before bed is a great relaxing activity you can allow your child to do that can help him or her to sleep as well. With a custom made bunk bed from Dangerfield Woodcraft, your child will have plenty of cubbies with which to store perfect bedtime stories in.
  • Find a book series your kids can’t put down. There are so many amazing book series nowadays for kids than when you were younger. In fact, there are authors who only write one kids’ book series. Furthermore, a lot of these series will teach your kids historical facts and other interesting tidbits about the world around them. Ask your librarian for suggestions on age-appropriate series your child might like.
  • Invest in audiobooks. Your child may find reading difficult, especially when he or she first begins to read. If that’s the case, invest in some audiobooks that he or she can listen to. These books give your child a break from reading and learning, as well as can spark an interest in reading books as well.
  • Set reading goals. Reading goals can push a child to read more (and a little healthy sibling and/or parent competition can be an even further incentive). For example, try to read three books by Christmas, or see who in the family can read the same book the quickest and then hold a family book club discussion on it. Staying involved in your child’s reading is key.

Dangerfield Woodcraft loves reading almost as much as we love making custom loft beds and unique bunk beds for children. A custom bunk bed can foster reading by giving your child a dedicated and comfortable space to read. Contact us today to get started!