The Importance of Indoor Entertainment Options for Your Child

How do your kids cope when they’re stuck indoors? While the recent Covid-19 virus has forced most families to stay home together, the reality for many families that live in areas that see rainy or cold weather frequently is that getting outside just isn’t an option for your kids sometimes. When that happens, they need options to stay entertained and engaged while indoors.

While many businesses around the country are slowing, or outright pausing, operations due to being “non-essential,” we here at Dangerfield Woodcraft are pressing on full steam ahead doing what we love most — designing and constructing the perfect custom playhouse beds for children all over the country. We believe that providing kids with fun, safe, personal spaces for them to sleep and play is just as essential as keeping them healthy. After all, play and fun are important for everyone’s mental health, not just children. Here’s how a custom playhouse bed can support your child and keep them entertained during quarantines, bad weather, and whatever else might keep them indoors for a while.

Bring Playhouse Fun Indoors

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work remotely during quarantine or another severe event, keeping your kids occupied and away from your workspace is essential to maintaining your productivity outside the office and keeping them from growing restless inside. Our custom playhouse beds do just that by bringing all the fun of a playhouse directly into your child’s bedroom. We offer a variety of models that can be customized to fit your child’s needs and wishes, but most standard models of our playhouse beds feature dedicated play space, a slide, and other fun features for your child to enjoy! If your home does not have a backyard, our playhouse beds are a particularly great way to give your child the play space you’ve always wanted to provide them, just indoors.

Keep Them Connected

School closures due to coronavirus or severe weather events can be challenging to deal with logistically, but with one of our kid’s playhouse beds, your child’s learning can face minimal interruption. Our talented designers can install charging ports in any of our playhouse bed models, allowing your child to keep their devices charged. Our playhouse beds’ support of technology in their design empowers your child to use their devices to stay connected to the outside world, where they can continue their schooling digitally and chat virtually with friends to combat any loneliness they may be feeling as a result of isolation.

If your child learns better by reading physical books or enjoys reading for pleasure, our playhouse beds can support those endeavors, too. Many of our standard playhouse beds come with remote-controlled LED lighting built in, and we can customize most any of our models to include that feature if it doesn’t already.

Keep Them Organized

One downside of spending more time indoors is that you and your child are likely to use more things inside your house every day, since you’re spending more time at home. For you, that might look like dirty coffee cups left in various rooms or more dishes and paperwork left out than usual. For your child, that will probably look like more toys strewn about — unless you get them one of our custom playhouse beds. We know what it’s like to have kids, so we’ve built in storage space to every one of our playhouse bed models.

The standard staircase on our bunk models, for example, has storage racks built into its side and on its back, and each stair doubles as a small storage chest. Many of our models also include a pullout trundle for storage space or an extra bed. These spaces can help you keep your child’s things organized so they can enjoy a nice, big play area free of their own clutter.

Getting through coronavirus isn’t going to be easy on any family, and spending several days indoors wears on practically everyone of every age after a while. Luckily, with custom playhouse beds from Dangerfield Woodcraft, you can make your child’s transition to indoor living as smooth as possible and turn their bedroom into a fun, engaging space they won’t mind staying in for a while. Check out our models today!