Ideas to Save Bedroom Space

Most of us want more space in all the rooms of our house, including our bedroom. From having clothes for all seasons and all purposes and shoes to match to having a nightstand that is overflowing with books, pens, and puzzles, utilizing our bedroom space is crucial in order to stay organized and eliminate the crazy-antics of searching for the lost shoe you need in a pinch. Dangerfield Woodcraft makes children’s custom furniture, from kids’ beds with drawers to custom loft beds. In this blog post, we’ll review ideas to save bedroom space that you can apply to both your room and your kids’ rooms. Order your kids’ bed design today!


  • Install corner shelves. Many of us have books that are overflowing, including your kids, and there never seems to be enough space for them. By installing corner shelves, you’ll create a space for some of your books and have room to add in a small lamp or task lighting as well. Adding in corner shelves next to your kids’ custom bunk beds is a great way to have your child’s favorite books easily accessible and not get ruined by being slept on.
  • Put shelves or drawers underneath the bed. The space under your bed is wasted space for the most part (besides being a place where you hide things under, such as shoes, books, and water bottles). When you install containers or drawers underneath the bed, you’ve instantly created a whole new closet. You can organize these drawers to contain certain items, such as everyday footwear, toys (divide the toys up as well), puzzles, workout clothes, and teddy bears. You’ll be amazed at how much space this clears up in your bedroom.
  • Install a floating desk. Most desks are bulky, hard to move, and more importantly, take up a lot of space. Yet, kids need a desk in order to do their homework comfortably, and you want a desk to write at late at night. By installing a floating desk and adding a small chair you’ll open up your bedroom even more. You’ll have a spot for you coffee cup, your lamp, your books, your computer, and your water. Your kids will have a comfy place to do their best work.
  • Utilize a vertical coat hanger. A vertical coat hanger installed next to your closet or wardrobe takes up very little space but is able to organize a lot of stuff. You can hang your bags, shoes, and clothes for the next day from it. Your kids can hang their backpacks and lunch boxes from it. You can even use it to hang toys, such as jump ropes or craft supplies such as yarn.

Kids can collect more stuff than adults it seems, especially when they go to school, and staying organized can be a real challenge. Dangerfield Woodcraft creates custom bunk beds, many of which include a shelf or drawer or multiple drawers for storage space for kids’ clothes, toys, or other items. Our stairs can double as containers, and a pull out drawer can be installed beneath your kids’ castle. The sky’s the limit with custom bunk beds by Dangerfield Woodcraft. Order the best kids’ beds today!