How to Customize Your Child’s Bed

Kids have an internal need to be different than others. We all do, but kids especially as they try to find their place in this world. From playing dress up to pretending to be pirates on a far-away island, kids are constantly striving to be different. Dangerfield Woodcraft makes custom made bunk beds for kids. We offer a variety of styles to choose from or you can make your own unique bunk bed. Besides ordering your children custom built loft beds, you can also customize their beds to give them that unique feeling as well. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to customize your kids’ beds. Visit us online today to begin your custom kids’ beds!


  • Bed sheets. Bed sheets are a great way to customize your kids’ beds. Rather than just get the plain colored sheets you probably use, you can instead invest in their favorite Disney character, dinosaur, or animal. Custom bed sheets will not only make your child want to go to bed, but they will also keep your child snug at night.
  • Pillows. Most kids love pillows. After all, pillows are soft and comfortable to sleep on. At night, pillows can be quite comforting for kids who are scared of the night. Pillows now come in cool shapes and colors, such as pillows in the shape of elephants and giraffes and pillows in bright blues and greens. Furthermore, you can invest in custom kids’ pillow cases as well. There are websites where you can take your child’s artwork and make it into bed clothing, such as pillow cases and sheets. When you buy a unique kids’ bed from Dangerfield Woodcraft, you can even match your kids’ bed with their pillows.
  • Stuffed animals. Children love stuffed animals in a way adults have somehow lost or forgotten. Their stuffed animals can be their best friends — almost real in a way. They can be confidantes, companions, and best friends. Some children love to fill their beds with stuffed animals and surround themselves with friends if you will. That way, kids are never alone and always wake up to a friendly face or fall asleep to a smile. Stuffed animals are precious in your child’s eyes, and when they surround your child, your child can be surrounded by love.
  • Canopies. Canopies are just plain fun, especially to children. Originally invented to keep warmth in the bed chamber and offer privacy, canopies are now used for decoration and individuality. Here is a place a child can thrive and create their own room within a room. From pink sheer curtains to decorated teddy bears dancing in the dark, canopies offer a sense of protection, magic, and safety. With a canopy over your child’s custom build bunk bed, he or she will not only have a customized bed, but also have a bed that they won’t want to leave — a major win if you have a child who always sneaks into your bed at night.


When you give your child the gift of a custom built kids’ bed, you are giving him or her a gift to cherish for life, one that is unique and gives him or her a sense of value and place, and a wonderful place to just be a kid. Contact us today for your custom made bunk bed!