Why Storage Space is Essential for Kids’ Bedrooms

Kids sure do produce a lot of mess, don’t they? From diapers and clothes to backpacks and toys, it can seem like messes follow in the wake of every child.

Because children have a lot of stuff and haven’t yet formed the habit of cleaning up after themselves, it’s imperative that there be a lot of storage space in their bedrooms in order to maximize the space and keep their things organized. At Dangerfield Woodcraft, we think of parents and children alike when designing our custom kids’ playhouse beds. Each of our designs include not only fun features to keep your child entertained, but also plenty of storage space to make keeping toys and other items together easier. Check out our gallery of kids’ playhouse beds to learn more, and read on to learn why storage space is a necessity for your child’s bedroom.

Maximize Bedroom Space

Incorporating storage space into your child’s bedroom is important in order to get the most use out of the space possible. With more of your child’s things stored and tucked away, they’ll have more space to play, and you’ll be able to navigate the room more easily than you would with toys and other slipping and tripping hazards lying out on the floor.

This is particularly important if you have multiple children sharing a bedroom, since they’ll inevitably have more things and greater demands for space. You need an efficient storage and organization system in order to get the most out of the space and make the bedroom a comfortable one for two or more children to share.

Keep Everything Organized

Storage space can also help you keep your child’s things organized until they’re old and mature enough to do so themselves. It can be difficult to stay on top of your child’s schedule and keep their clothes and toys put away and in order, but having an organized storage system in place can make things a little easier.

Set The Foundation For Good Organizational Habits

Taking the time to intentionally sort and store your child’s things in an organized manner won’t benefit you alone. As children grow, they’ll begin to form the basis for personal habits and expectations through observing you and modeling after your behavior. Keeping your child’s bedroom clean and organized through the use of storage space can teach them how to stay organized themselves as they get older, and encourage them to grow accustomed to a neat, tidy environment as a norm. If they grow up viewing cleanliness and organization as normal, they’ll be more likely inclined to develop the habits themselves and grow into neat, organized adults.

Combine Bed, Play, And Storage Space With A Dangerfield Woodcraft Creation

At Dangerfield Woodcraft, we support the development of these healthy organizational habits by building ample storage space into our custom kids’ playhouse beds. Most of our designs incorporate a pullout trundle that can be used as a storage drawer or extra bed, and the slides and staircases on our playhouse bed designs have several storage shelves built into their sides. Each step even functions as a storage drawer! Support your child’s development and make the most out of their bedroom space by ordering one of our playhouse beds today. Check out our gallery page to learn more!