Why Craftsmanship Matters When it Comes to Furniture

What factors are most important to you when shopping for furniture? Certainly the price, aesthetic appeal, and comfortable feel are likely to be primary factors in your decision-making, but how often have you considered the quality of craftsmanship of your furniture when making purchases?

At Dangerfield Woodcraft, we’re passionate about building custom-designed playhouse beds to provide your kids a safe, fun place to sleep and play and bring their imagination to life. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our work and the value it adds to your child’s life and to your home’s value. Furniture is a long-term investment for your home, and we believe the quality of its build should reflect that. Read on to learn more about why craftsmanship is one of the most important attributes for high-quality, long-lasting furniture.


All kinds of furniture, from couches to kid’s playhouse beds, are significant financial investments. When you invest in furniture, you’re counting on it to look, feel, and function virtually the same years from now as it does today. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate the craftsmanship of every piece when shopping for furniture. The mass-produced furniture you’ll find in big-box retailers or other chain stores may be cheaper, but they’re often produced quickly with little regard for longevity, and made with lesser materials that will degrade faster than the components of higher-quality furniture.

Artisan furniture like custom bunk beds may cost more than your typical superstore offering, but you’ll be able to count on its durability and style lasting for years to come.


Not only does artisan furniture last longer than mass-produced, superstore furniture, but it just plain looks better, too! As we mentioned previously, superstore furniture is produced with profit in mind. That often means that they use cheap varnishes and paints that chip and fade easily, and skimp on the little things, like staining and polishing, that separate the best, most beautiful wood furniture from the rest of the pack.

Furthermore, superstore furniture comes in predetermined sizes. For larger pieces of furniture, like couches, tables, and playhouse beds, this can be a significant issue if your house has unique measurements or if the vision you have for your interior decor requires furniture of specific sizes. Artisan furniture, like our custom playhouse beds, can be crafted to fit your precise needs.

Furniture is going to be a long-term investment no matter what kind of model you buy, so why settle for lesser quality and a less-precise fit for your home when you can get much more attractive, unique furniture for just a slightly larger investment?


The craftsmanship and quality of a piece of furniture can also have a great deal of impact on its safety. This is particularly true for wooden furniture, which can put you at risk for splinters if they’re made with cheap wood or finished improperly. You deserve furniture that can be used with complete peace of mind in its build. If a manufacturer has cut corners or done the bare minimum, as is often done for superstore furniture, you can’t have the level of trust in your furniture that you deserve.


Ultimately, when you shop for furniture, you want to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Furniture isn’t cheap, and you deserve to reap every drop of your investment in value, in the form of well-crafted furniture made with high-quality, durable materials and an attention to detail. When you choose custom playhouse beds for your child from Dangerfield Woodcraft, you’re getting a bed and playhouse handmade from the finest wood and materials available.

Dangerfield Woodcraft was founded by a man making beds for his own children, and we’re confident you’ll see that the passion for creating perfect play places for children continues on in our designs today! Check out our playhouse beds today, and invest in a bed that will not only last, but will entertain and comfort your child for years to come. Choose craftsmanship today!